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This article aims to guide you through using Happeo's Channel Discovery feature, facilitating the exploration and engagement with various Channels. Learn how to join Channels and understand the process of leaving a Channel.

Channel Discovery

The Channel Discovery feature within Happeo facilitates the process of exploring and participating in Channels that are visible to all users in your environment. To access this feature, click on Channels at the platform's top-left corner, and select Discover Channels.

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Upon reaching the Channel Discovery page, you can:

  • Search for Channels
  • Apply filters to display specific types of channels:
    • News Channels
    • Channels open for everyone
    • Channels available for joining upon request

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Types of Channels

There are different types of Channels with varying access rules:

  • Only Invited Users: These Channels are accessible only to users who have received an invitation. They remain invisible in the Channel Discovery section
  • Anyone in My Organization Can Ask to Join: These Channels can be joined by users who have successfully submitted and had their requests accepted. They are visible in Channel Discovery, marked with an “Ask to join” label
  • Anyone in My Organization Can Join: All users can freely join these Channels without needing approval. They are also visible in Channel Discovery, labeled with Join Channel”

Please refer to this article for more in-depth guidance on managing Channel permissions and the discovery process.

Joining a Channel

Joining a Channel you were invited to join

If you have received an invitation to join a Channel, an email notification will inform you about the shared Channel. This Channel can then be accessed through Channel Discovery or Channel Navigation. Alternatively, you can directly navigate to the Channel by clicking Open Channel in the email.

Asking to join a Channel

In the Channel Discovery section, Channels marked as "Anyone in my organization can ask to join" are identifiable by the "Ask to join" label beneath the Channel card. To request joining such a channel:

  1. Click on Channels at the top-left corner of the Happeo platform
  2. Select Discover Channels
  3. Locate the desired Channel
  4. Click Ask to join below the Channel card

A successful request prompts a message indicating that you will be notified upon being added by the Channel Owner. The Channel Owner receives an email notifying them of your request. Once approved, you will receive an email granting you access to the Channel via Channel Navigation or Channel Discovery.

Joining a Channel that is joinable for everyone

Channels set as "Anyone in my organization can join" are recognized in Channel Discovery by the "Join Channel" label. The process to join is straightforward:

  1. Click on Channels at the top-left corner of the Happeo platform
  2. Select Discover Channels
  3. Find the desired Channel
  4. Either:
    1. Click Join Channel below the Channel card
    2. Or click the Channel name, then Join Channel when previewing the Channel

Leaving a Channel

Leaving a Channel is the same process for all Channel types. Simply:

  1. Navigate to the Channel you wish to leave
  2. Click on the people icon on the right of the Channel, indicating the number of Channel members
  3. Click Leave Channel
  4. Click OK
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