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In this article, you can find information regarding what Primary and Secondary Pages are and what they are used for.

What are Primary and Secondary Pages?

Happeo allows 3 types of pages that affect how the page navigation looks and how Happeo behaves when you log in.

Whether a page is a Primary Page, Secondary Page, or Normal Page, users will only see what has been shared with them.

Traditional intranet

The use of a Primary and Secondary Page represents a "traditional intranet", that being a Page as a landing page as opposed to My Stream. Throughout this article, the term "traditional intranet" will be used to refer to this concept. 

Primary Page

A Primary Page is also called the Home Page. It is the Primary Page of the organization and it is promoted in the Pages navigation at the top of the list with a home icon. 

If you have set your Happeo like a traditional intranet, all users will land on this Page. We, therefore, recommend sharing this Page with everyone in the domain.


Secondary Pages

Secondary Pages are promoted just under the Primary Page in the Pages navigation and marked with the business icon. 

If you have set your Happeo like a traditional intranet and a user does not have access to the Primary Page, users will be routed to a Secondary Page.

In terms of the following conditions:

  • Multiple Pages are set as Secondary Pages
  • Users have access to more than one of the Secondary Pages

Then in the Pages Navigation, the Secondary Pages will be displayed in the following order for the aforementioned users:

  1. Numerical
  2. Alphabetical
  3. Pages starting with special characters


For more information about My Stream, you can see this article

Example use case: New hire onboarding Page

Utilizing Secondary Pages is a great way to enhance the onboarding process for new hires. These Pages serve as a repository for all the essential onboarding materials and information, ensuring easy accessibility through the Pages Navigation located just below the Primary Page.

By incorporating Secondary Pages into your onboarding process, you can significantly improve the experience for new hires. It simplifies their journey, making it easier for them to familiarize themselves with the company and its procedures.

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