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In this article, you can learn how to archive a Page group.


Archiving vs. deleting

An important thing to note is that Happeo does not delete/remove Page groups completely. Instead, it stores them in an archive in case you want to bring them back (e.g. accidentally archiving a Page group).

How to archive a Page group

To archive a Page group, navigate to:

  1. A Page group you would like to archive
  2. Click on “Edit page”
  3. Navigate to the Page group settings (the icon that looks like a stack of papers)
  4. Select “Archive Page group”
  5. Click on “Archive”

Where can you find archived Page groups?

Archived Page groups can be found in the Pages tab within the Admin settings. There, you can view the owners of the Page groups, the sharing settings set, and their status (in this case, they all have the status of “Archived).

If you like, you can also edit the archived Pages by clicking on the three dots next to them.

How to unarchive Page groups

To unarchive Page groups, you can navigate to:

  1. The Admin settings (click on your avatar at the top right corner)
  2. Click on the “Pages” tab
  3. Select “Archived”
  4. Click on the three dots next to the Page group you wish to unarchive
  5. Select “Restore page”


Is there a way to view archived Pages (not Page groups) in the admin settings?

It is only possible to view archived Page groups in the Admin settings > Pages > Archived. To view the individual archived Pages from the Page groups, you can unarchive the Page group and view them in the restored version.

Can I view all Page groups that have been archived in the environment?

With access to the admin console, you can see all the Page Groups that were archived by the organization.

What happens to the user rights of a Page group that has been archived?

If a Page group is archived, all users who had viewing and editing rights will no longer have them. Only admins can revert these changes. 

If the Page group is unarchived, editing and viewing rights will be given back to the users if the Page is published. 


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