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In this article, you can learn how to create a Post.


What are Posts?

Posts enable you to publish quick content that can include images & videos (via Google Drive, SharePoint, or from your computer), GIFs, and files.

On the other hand, Articles are designed for long news, blogs, and all types of content that need a rich medium to be expressed properly.

You can also organize and customize the text in Posts by:

  • Creating headers
  • Adding links to text
  • Bolding text
  • Italicizing text
  • Underlining text
  • Adding a text color
  • Adding a highlight color
  • Adding format lists
  • Adding emoticons

Posts can also be posted on behalf of someone, turned into Announcement Postsdrafts, and moved to review.


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How to create a Post

Creating a new Post in Happeo is extremely simple:

  1. Click on the new Post field and start typing. When you start typing, all the rich text editor controls will appear (the option to search for a GIF will also appear)

You can also tag specific Channel members, editors, and all Channel members. This is useful when you want to notify users, note their contributions to the Post, etc. To tag users you can either type:

  1. @User's name, @Editors or @Channel

Adding attachments to the Post is also easy:

  1. Click on Attach file...
  2. And select where you want to attach a file, such as Google Drive, SharePoint, or from your computer

When you share the new Post, Happeo will also check any Google Drive or SharePoint file permissions and notify you if the file needs to be shared with the Channel participants.

When uploading content to Happeo Posts there are two limits:

  1. 10MB limit for images
  2. 32MB limit for files

If you would like to upload a larger file or image, you can always add it to Drive or SharePoint and upload it using:

  1. Attach file...
  2. Drive or SharePoint

By clicking on Apps, you can attach:

  • YouTube videos
  • Google Forms
  • Typeforms (surveys)

You can either click on one of the apps and enter a URL or click on More Apps to find custom apps (specifically made for Channels) in Happeo's App Marketplace made by your organization or other parties. 

For Typeform, after entering a Typeform URL, you can choose whether the survey will be displayed as an attachment or as a view embedded in the Post. You can also change the Typeform survey or delete the content or even refresh the Typeform survey (in case the current survey was altered). 

The survey will then be visible to all users on Channels, and only the Post's author or those who posted on their behalf (i.e., anybody who has the ability to modify posts) will have the ability to update the survey.

Additionally, YouTube videos (both live and non-live) can be uploaded as an attachment or embedded in a Channel Post.


Delete a Post

To delete a Post, you can:

  1. Scroll to the Post in the Channel Feed
  2. Click the three dots on the right top corner of the Post
  3. Click Delete Post and click Ok



What happens to attachments in Posts?

When a Post is made, the attachment is not actually uploaded to the Happeo platform but still lives within Google Drive or SharePoint. For this reason, the document will never be deleted and can remain accessible.

If the Channel has an attached Google Drive, SharePoint, or OneDrive folder, all files added to Posts in that Channel are uploaded to the attached Channel Folder. Unless you ignore the file moving when adding the document to a Post, in that scenario, the file will remain to live within your Drive and will not be shared

If the Channel does not have one of the aforementioned folders attached to the Channel, the documents will be uploaded to your Drive and therefore will not appear as visible to others any more (depending on the Channel Sharing Settings). 

If I update an older Post, will it renew the published date and cause it to appear at the top of a Channel?

No, editing an older Post will not update the original post date. The Post will remain in its original position and will not be moved to the top of the Channel.

Why aren’t total impressions not included in Post Analytics?

The reason that total impressions (views) are not included in Post Analytics is due to the way impressions are counted, which takes scrolling into account. When we include total impressions, it can lead to inflated numbers for several reasons. For instance, a Post may remain visible on the Channel for an extended period, which counts as an impression when a user opens the Channel and sees the Post, or the same individuals may read the Post repeatedly. Additionally, a large number of users simply viewing the Post could also contribute to high impression counts.

However, high impression counts may not necessarily provide meaningful insights about the Post's actual performance or engagement. Therefore, total impressions are excluded from Post Analytics because they offer limited value in understanding the Post's true impact.

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